Ayurveda and The liver

 The liver, according to Ayurveda, is the seat of pitta dosha. Different types of enzymes carry out metabolism and digestion in the body, which are referred to as ‘ agni ’ and ‘ pitta ’. The liver is the only organ that can regenerate itself, and it is also the body's biggest glandular organ. It is sometimes known as the " engine of the body " and plays several vital roles in digestion, metabolism, and detoxification. Some factors and items can prove to be extremely detrimental and toxic to the liver, such as alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, extremely spicy foods, emotions such as rage and hatred, chemicals in pre-packaged meals or medications. Even vata and kapha kinds of liver imbalances tend to worsen pitta and cause toxic build-up in it, thus impairing its function. Keeping an eye out for these sorts of imbalances and treating them early on, naturally helps to maintain the liver's health. Here are a few tips and practices on how to maintain a healthy liver. Ayurve

Evaluating the Role of Teachers in Developing Student Personalities at an Early Stage

 Teachers in primary classes possess an important role in the personality development of students. Schools are students’ second home and teachers are like their parents. Primary students seek comfort on their teacher’s lap and feel happy to share their exciting stories with their teachers. Good teachers always cater to their students’ problems as the best counselor and treat them as their own kids. Teachers hold a great influence on children's upbringing. They contribute a lot to their personality development. Influence of Teachers on Younger Students Students in the early-stage have innocent minds that can easily be influenced and molded in any direction in which a teacher wants to. They can easily shape their actions, opinions, and imaginations. It’s their duty to add honesty and positivity in the students’ character and make discipline and patience a part of their personalities. Role of Teachers in Students’ Personalities Development at an Early Stage According to the general o

Why is it Essential to Use Facial Cleansers?

Our facial skin is delicate, but it gets exposed to harmful pollutants, dirt, smoke, and dust daily. These toxic pollutants and beauty products can damage our skin. It is the reason why taking good care of your skin, following a night care routine, and cleansing is essential. Cleansers A facial cleanser is an excellent product that removes make-up, dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and various types of pollutants from your skin. Moreover, cleansing your face keeps your facial pores clean and avoids acne and Blackhead from coming back. However, it Cannot be easy to find the best cleanser as there are multiple options available. Therefore, if you know the difference between various cleansers, you will find the best cleansing product according to your choice without getting confused. Gel Facial Cleanser Gel facial cleansers have a gel-like consistency, and they contain deep-cleaning and exfoliation properties. Such cleaners help clean oily and acne-prone skin. Cream Facial Cleansers Cream faci

How to Deal with Hair Thinning

Balding and receding hairlines are not uncommon among the older male population, but recently even younger men and women notice their hair thinning. It could be a genetic predisposition, malnourishment, or even emotional stress . Whatever the reason, sudden hair loss can be very debilitating and it can damage your self-image and lead to a decrease in self-esteem. However, the good news is that often hair loss can be prevented or even reversed. Here are some remedies for hair thinning. Eat well The food you eat provides essential building blocks that fortify every part of your body. A common cause of hair thinning is malnourishment, making your hair brittle and more vulnerable to damage. When it comes to strengthening your hair and promoting hair growth, these are the types of dietary components that prove most efficient: Protein : Your hair is made up of protein and as a result eating protein-rich foods like eggs, nuts, soybean and meat, can boost hair growth. Vitamin B : Biotin or vit