Evaluating the Role of Teachers in Developing Student Personalities at an Early Stage

 Teachers in primary classes possess an important role in the personality development of students. Schools are students’ second home and teachers are like their parents. Primary students seek comfort on their teacher’s lap and feel happy to share their exciting stories with their teachers. Good teachers always cater to their students’ problems as the best counselor and treat them as their own kids. Teachers hold a great influence on children's upbringing. They contribute a lot to their personality development.

Influence of Teachers on Younger Students

Students in the early-stage have innocent minds that can easily be influenced and molded in any direction in which a teacher wants to. They can easily shape their actions, opinions, and imaginations. It’s their duty to add honesty and positivity in the students’ character and make discipline and patience a part of their personalities.

Role of Teachers in Students’ Personalities Development at an Early Stage

According to the general observation, it is evaluated that the teachers play a vital role in developing students’ personalities. Following are some of the major contributions that teachers devote to their students' life.

They Build Students’ Behavior

Politeness is what matters the most in building students’ behavior. If the teacher is harsh to the students’ then students will pick and learn the same attitude and follow it in their future. Good teachers are humble to their students. They don’t scold; they don’t shout but give a loving punishment if needed. This makes the children love their teachers and adopt their humble behavior.

They Teach Students Moral Values

Teachers enable the students to determine the difference between right and wrong. They make them aware of sin and crime. They turn them towards the path of virtues. Teachers make them adopt moral goods and restrain from the bad doings. Their moral teachings include:

  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Devotion
  • Love
  • Respect
  • Modesty
  • Sincerity
  • Kindness

They are Students’ Motivation

Teachers are always influential motivators. They never allow the students’ to lose their hopes. They try their best to keep up their students’ morals so that they can win the race of life and remain steadfast in this world of competition. If a student is a slow learner or faces difficulty in meeting the standard of his class, the teachers guide such students in accomplishing their academic tasks and even allow them considering online assistance that can help them achieve good grades.

It is observed in the UK, when students take online assignment help or hire dissertation writing services London-based to cope with their academic challenges, their teachers never discourage them but help them to come to the level. This motivation helps the students throughout their lives and assists them in achieving their goals.

They Encourage Students’ to Select their Role Models

Teachers make their students study the life history, struggles, and achievements of great personalities so that students can choose their role models. They highlight the names of influential people who have served this world with their talents and skills and make their lives prominent in front of the students. It helps students to be someone who will remain in the hearts of the people due to his virtues and qualities.

They Create a Sense of Responsibility

Good teachers are the ones who make their students learn to fulfill their duties. The sense of responsibility towards their family, education, and religion help them manage their lives more perfectly. It becomes easier for them to divide their time equally for each and every task and face the challenges of life confidently. Some of these responsibilities are mentioned below.



Religious ResponsibilitiesEducational Responsibilities

·         Never deceive others

·         Lift others    morals

·         Love their family

·         Give time to their elders

·         Be the good listeners

·         Spread positivity

·         Keep the environment clean and hygienic

·         Have complete faith in God

·         Believe in His mercy and always seek guidance from him

·         Obey the limits designated by God in each and every aspect of life

·         Worship Him with complete sincerity as He deserves

·         Spread the message of peace to portray the beautiful picture of your religion

·         Stay motivated

·         Encourage your classmates

·         Try not to panic when assigned multiple academic tasks at a time. Excessive thinking about how I can manage my assignments and who will write my dissertation just increase the pressure and create barriers in the way to success.

·         Keep your uniform, desk and copy presentation neat and clean

·         Work hard with passion

They Teach Humanity and Patriotism

Good teachers tell their students the significance of humanity. They mention that this is only humanity that makes us different from animals. Humanity teaches us how to control our instincts and build a sense of cooperation. These teachings involve:

-          Making them Benefactors to Others

The sense of humanity allows the students to benefit other human beings and even with other creatures of God. They make them understand their duties towards others.

-          Making them realize their Duties towards their Homeland

The teacher also tells their students how they can serve their nation and their country. They let make know that their bright future depends upon their academic career because by becoming successful doctors, engineers, and artists they can make their country’s name outshine in the world.

They help them Identify their Potentials and Weaknesses

Good teachers encourage the students to identify their strengths and polish their potentials while helping them overcome their weaknesses. They allow them to learn from their past mistakes and never to repeat them for flawless success in the future. In this way, students determine which subject they should pursue in their higher studies according to their skills and potentials, and also, it helps them decide their goals in life.


Teachers play the most significant roles in the life of students belong to the early stages of learning. Students must listen to, respect, and obey their teachers to have a bright and successful future. And teachers also must understand their responsibilities for the better personality development of the students.


opment of the students.

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